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Preserving Health and Happiness


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We are a manufacturer enabling individuals to live healthy and happy lives. We too are normal people just like you.
Our founder has had his encounters with various brands claiming to be natural and chemical free, but couldn’t find one brand that could be trusted for everyday body care needs. He realized he had to initiate the process on his own. Starting  a herbal cosmetic brand comes with its challenges, educating himself about herbal ingredients, how they react with our body, and what roles these ingredients play in benefitting our body as whole. It was just a first step in the right direction.
We had to attach like minded people and vendors to supply cruelty free packing and natural ingredients of utmost quality to match our standards.
Urban Organics is a dream bearing wings of reality. We manufacture personal care products with utmost love and happiness, ensuring that any product manufactured under our facility must dictate quality. Our systematic routines & quality checks make sure to circumvent harmful and banned substances in all our products.
If you want natural, trusted, and effective products that work for everyone, you are welcome to our growing family.